We provide customized software and hardware development, so your project can be successfully implemented in a short period of time.

Software development

We are developing complete software products (embedded software and desktop-PC applications), starting from the product conceptualization, through software architecture, development, design, testing, implementation and maintenance.

We strive to make every project as simple as possible so even people with less technical skills will be able to operate the software with minimal effort. We try to make the software do most of the work, allowing you to use your time for more productive things.

Our skills:

  • Linux/Unix and Windows platforms
  • C/C++ (Qt, MFC frameworks)
  • Database programming (Standalone applications or Client-Server based architectures)
  • Network programming
  • Event-driven programming
  • Shell scripting
  • Low level microcontroller programming
  • Custom bootloader (U-Boot)
  • Custom BSP Linux

Hardware development

Our skills:

  • Complete solution from the specification to the final product
  • PCB Layout for customer’s projects
  • DSP/microcontroller based embedded system design
  • Industrial boards with: CAN, LVDS, RS 232/485, SPI, I2C